Video Production Portfolio

Emma Hayward Video Production Portfolio:

Galway Food Festival 2018

Food on the Edge 2017 – camera operator with Heavyman Films

Galway Races 2017 – camera operator with Heavyman Films

Galway Theatre Festival – ‘Become a Sponsor’

‘Road to the Ring’ – Trailer

‘Take My Hand’ – cover by Perfect Harmony Wedding Singers

 ‘The Dreams Loft Sessions’ – Live Music

Showreel – 15 Seconds

Showreel – 30 Seconds

‘Cook With Cous Cous’ – 2016 (Cooking demo)

‘Unfolding the Landscape’ 2014 – (trailer)

Cartographer and writer Tim Robinson in conversation with Vincent Woods. This 10 minute piece is part of an exhibition in the Hardiman Research Building of NUI Galway called ‘Interpreting Landscape: Tim Robinson and the West of Ireland’. NUI Galway is the home of the archive of Tim Robinson.

Editor. Emma Hayward; Dir/Prod. Jessica Keatley & Kaydell McKeon-Joyce

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