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Emma Hayward Video and The Dreams Loft Now Offer Our ‘Studio Video Package’

Music Videos: We are now offering our  Studio Video package for €150. This includes a half day of recording vocals in the studio which is filmed and edited together to create your music video.

For more information get in touch with or Emma at and get your music noticed.

‘New York Never Happened’ – performed by Kaydell McKeon Joyce

‘New York Never Happened’ performed by Kaydee McKeon Joyce and recorded with Pete in The Dreams Loft as part of our new Studio Video package.

More Music Videos

Music videos are a visual counterpart to your music, a chance to portray another layer of meaning and artistic expression. From concept to finished product, we can make a music video that captures the essence of the song and tells a story of its own.

‘Take My Hand’ – cover by Perfect Harmony Wedding Singers

‘Exist’ – by Pete Duffy

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