Facebook Video: How to Share Your Video Content Effectively.

Facebook Video: How to Share Your Video Content Effectively.

It’s wonderful having a good Facebook video that represents your business, however if only a few people see it then you are losing out. How to effectively share your video content through Facebook is vital to getting your fabulous video out there and reaching your ideal customers.

There are different styles of videos that have proven very successful on Facebook. Videos can be entertaining, informative or inspirational. Primarily you want to focus on how to make your video effective, shareable and engaging for your viewer. Then you can use Facebook ads to gain that extra reach.

Here are a few guidelines for uploading and sharing your Facebook video:

Upload Videos Directly to Facebook

Videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook and NOT linked via YouTube or Vimeo tend to reach more people and generally are preferred by Facebook’s algorithm. To optimise your video’s chances of being seen and shared then upload your video straight to Facebook and do not just paste a link from YouTube.

Keep Your Videos Short

Facebook users like to watch short videos under 2 minutes. Most people are now watching videos on their mobile devices. Social media tends to be short, snappy and effective because people are using it to gather information and entertainment in fast and easy ways. Facebook videos are most effective when they are kept under 2 minutes long. Think of some examples of videos you have watched that are 10 seconds or 30 seconds long and how many views or shares those videos had.

Use An Appropriate Title

Your title must be clear and inviting: you want to grab attention and incite curiosity with your title. Facebook videos now auto-play as you scroll down through your news-feed – this means that people will see the first few seconds of your video without even clicking play. This is important because it is your chance to attract them to watch the whole video. With an appropriate title and an eye-catching first few seconds of your video, you should encourage potential viewers to click play.

Attract With Thumbnails

Having an attractive thumbnail is as important as the video title. Pick a nice looking thumbnail that best conveys what the video is about. It should be clear from the title plus the thumbnail what the video is about and this makes the decision to watch very easy for the viewer. Don’t be misleading by choosing an attention-seeking thumbnail that has nothing to do with your video content as this will only annoy the viewer.

Set A Featured Video

You can select a video after it has been uploaded to Facebook and set to be a ‘Featured Video’ which makes it the first video that people will see when they go on your page. It will remain as the featured video on your page until you want to change it.

Promote Audience Engagement

Don’t forget to promote audience engagement with your video by asking them to Like or Share your video. Make the most of this by adding an incentive for them to do so, whether it is a competition that you run e.g. “Like and Share for a Chance to Win” or if it’s a question they can answer by Liking the video e.g. “Like if you know this feeling”. It gives the viewer a chance to become involved and to engage with your video. Also, choosing the best time to publish your post or share your video is vital for reaching your audience. It takes a bit of trial and error but to get started, here is an article about the best times to post on social media.

Use a Call-to-Action Button

You have the option in include a Call-to-Action button at the end of your Facebook video eg. “Watch more” or “Shop Now” where you can add a link to your website or other video playlist. This offers the viewer something extra once the video has finished playing. They can watch more of your videos, visit your website or even shop for your product. You should always include a Call-To-Action button in all of your videos.

Don’t Boost, Use Facebook Adverts Instead

Boosting posts on Facebook is not really making the most of your money. Instead, incorporate your video into a Facebook ad campaign where you have much more control over your target audience demographics, your budget and how and when your ad will appear. Boosting is a quick fix that seems good at first but actually, you end up wasting a lot of your budget and you have less control. Using Facebook ads can be a little daunting at first but once you get used to it, you soon realise the advantages of creating a strategy to share your content rather than boosting a post here or there. For an overview of Facebook ads click hereFor an in-depth guide to Facebook ads here is a helpful article from Social Media Examiner .


With all of this in mind, it is important to remember that having good content is the key to sharing your Facebook video. Then it’s simply packaging it nicely for Facebook and remembering to involve your potential audience with opportunities for them to engage with your video. Taking your time to investigate the best strategy to market your video on Facebook will make a huge difference to your reach and engagement. Instead of uploading a video and hoping for the best, take your time to develop a plan, keep the viewer in mind and monitor your results. If one strategy is not working for you, change it and try something different until you find what works best for you. Above all, keep creating great content!


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