Bluetooth Won't Connect Magic Mouse 2

Bluetooth Won’t Connect Your Magic Mouse 2

I spent 50 minutes one morning trying to reconnect my wireless Magic Mouse 2 to my iMac. The problem wasn’t the mouse itself but with the Bluetooth connection on my iMac. When I tried to access the Bluetooth settings it would simply say that Bluetooth “isn’t available”. The button to ‘Turn on Bluetooth’ is also greyed out and you are unable to turn it back on. This left me in a bit of a pickle. Using an iMac without a mouse is extremely annoying, especially coming from a PC background, I was not yet familiar with some of the shortcuts that would prove to be helpful in this situation. I will leave a list of these shortcuts at the end of this post, so please scroll down to see those or continue reading to find out how I solved my problem.

The first thing you can try, and yes what a cliché, is turn your Mac off and on again. This may prompt it to reconnect Bluetooth. The first time this happened to me, this simple step did work and my mouse reconnected, however, this time it didn’t work and I still had no Bluetooth connection. Firstly, I went to to find out how to troubleshoot my mouse problem. It was quite helpful in the end but there was one other step I had to figure out on my own first and that was how to get my Bluetooth to turn back on. The regular re-start didn’t do anything and I couldn’t see anything about it on the Apple support page so I had to investigate with Google search.

After hunting around online I found the answer in a forum where someone else was having a similar problem. An Apple representative had replied to the problem and suggested the following: To summarise, they advised to turn off your iMac, then when you turn it on again you must hold down the following keys on your keyboard: Cmd, Alt, P and R until you hear a second boot-up noise. I think I held them for about 5 seconds.

Now when your computer boots up you should see that the Bluetooth is working and your mouse should be connected. If your mouse still is not connected but your Bluetooth is working, you need to go an extra step and go into your Mouse settings and connect it. This should do the trick.

If you’re not sure if it’s your mouse that’s not working then you can test it by pairing it via Bluetooth to your phone, once paired you should be able to see the mouse on your phone screen and be able to click on your phone’s interface like you would a computer screen. If this doesn’t work than it could be a problem with the mouse itself. One more trick to make sure that you mouse is talking to you Mac is to plug it into the Mac via it’s charger cable – this should prompt your Mac into identifying the mouse. Then you can unplug the charger and use you mouse as normal.

If this happens to you, troubleshoot first, identify what is causing the problem and then try these fixes accordingly. Hopefully, your mouse is back up and running. Glitch solved.

Meanwhile, how do you navigate around your Mac without a mouse? Here are some essential shortcuts you need to know:

Cmd, Space Bar: Open Spotlight Search Bar:

You can use this to search ‘bluetooth’ or ‘mouse’ and it should get you into the System Preferences for that topic. You can also use it to open Folders in Finder.

Left or Right arrows: Contract or expand folders in Finder.

Cmd Up arrow: Move up one folder.

 F4: Launchpad

Cmd Q: Quit an app.

Esc: Close a window.

Of course, you should always have a wired mouse as a back-up for when things go wrong!


Thanks for reading.


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